Monthly Archives: October 2013

Carrin + Logan | Engaged

I was really looking forward to Carrin + Logan’s engagement session, because up until that day I had only ever talked to Carrin briefly on the phone. Don’t get me wrong, that phone call was delightful, but I’m an in-person kind of gal (my weirdo personality is just… weird… via other channels of communication). (Also? […]

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Chiara + Dan | Married at Quarry Hill Inn

Chiara + Dan. Chiiiiiara + Dan. Chiaraaaaa + Daaaaan. Guys, seriously. Chiara + Dan. I have looked forward to this wedding since the day I met these two for their engagement session last year (to refresh your memory: GIANT RABBITS). Because these two are seriously something special. Fun fact: They met while sharing a coed […]

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