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Lara + Kevin | Married at St. Gregory The Illuminator

  Are you ready for this wedding? No, I’m serious. Are you ready for this? Because if smiling is not on your agenda for the next 10 or so minutes, you might want to come back another time. Lara + Kevin (recall their engagement session) and their Harry Potter themed wedding are guaranteed to make […]

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Mary + Lenny | Married at River Highlands Ranch

Hello, heartwarming wedding! Recall the awesomeness that is Mary + Lenny from their engagement session earlier this year. I already gushed about my love for these two in that post, so I’ll spare you my musings and just say that this wedding was wonderful in every possible way. At M+L’s engagement session, I let Lenny […]

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Shannon + Scott | Married at The Smog Shoppe

Do you remember Shannon + Scott? (If not, that link is worth a look!) I’m a little bit obsessed with them. And I don’t care how creepy it sounds, but I’m obsessed with Shannon’s laugh (you’ll be seeing a lot of it in a minute). They brought me down to Los Angeles to photograph their […]

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