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Jessica + Justin | Engaged

I almost don’t have words for this pair. They’re light-hearted and funny; they’re laid back and easygoing; they’re super smart; they are insanely kind; and they look like they could be the inspiration for a Disney couple. But more importantly, they are endlessly, hopelessly, effervescently in love with each other. I don’t care who you […]

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Em | Palo Alto Portrait Session

It sounds silly, but I hold a special place in my heart for beautiful women with beauty marks. And Emily has a perfect one. Even through roughly 27 years of hating my own, even through contemplating having mine removed, I always loved that they’re called beauty marks.  There’s such positivity to that.  And maybe just a little […]

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April 2012 Goals

If you could see my face right now, you’d be staring at one of the biggest, stupidest grins and you would not for one second doubt its sincerity. I am at this moment reposing in a room at my Great Aunt + Uncle’s home in hot, humid Oklahoma. I am smiling like a fool because […]

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