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Recipe: Mushroom + Barley Soup

Winter is slowly winding down — one (ME!) can only hope the snow is gone for good.  But we do have a week of rain in our future here in Connecticut, and so I think it’s fitting to squeeze in at least one more soup recipe before the weather warms for spring.  I made this...

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Recipe: Asian Chicken Wings

Comfort food means different things to different people.  To my honey (and likely many more!), it probably means fried chicken; to others, a heaping scoop of ice cream fits the bill.  But for me, I often apply the label to any recipe that comes from my mother, my childhood, my life.  Sometimes the food is...

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March 2010 Goals

Considering I spent the weekend staring out the window at freezing rain, I am still finding it hard to believe that it is actually March — but it is!  The seeds of spring will soon be sown, I’m sure of it.  My excitement for warmer weather aside, the winter hasn’t been so bad.  February was...

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