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    I adore weddings, families and portraits, but my cat, food and house get a lot of my attention, too! I'm married to my very best friend, and we sing to each other a lot. I'm a mid-century modern home dweller. I'm always working, working, working to be better at life (a never-ending battle!). I get a kick out of simplicity, tea, bright colors, ice cream, cooking, sarcasm and books -- among other things.

    I love me some good, authentic, giggly love. And I love making people feel lovely in the midst of their good, authentic, giggly love. And if that's your thing, too, I'd love nothing more than to give you some good, authentic, giggly love photos. :)


Lauren, Björn + Hannah | Family

Oh, guys, do I have some terribly beautiful photos to show you today. It is this type of session that makes me so endlessly grateful for this job. To watch a couple’s lives change and grow, from their engagement, to their wedding, to the excitement of their first pregnancy, and then the arrival of their first child. So say hello once again to Lauren + Björn, but now also say hello to their most precious baby girl, Hannah. I am starting with probably my favorite photo from the whole session. This is pure love, embodied. :D

She is literal perfection.

And she made some amazing faces!

I love their apartment more and more every time I visit!

This should come as no surprise to you, Lauren, but you are such a beautiful mother.


We decided to recreate a favorite photo from their maternity session. As I look at them side by side, I notice how different they are, but I love them both. :)

Lauren’s momma made this quilt.

Hello, family! :D

And ending with another favorite!

L, B + H, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for inviting me into your family. I don’t have the words to express to you the honor you give me in asking me to document your lives. I loved meeting your daughter and you are such doting, gentle parents—just as I expected you would be. She is lucky to have you as her mother and father, and from what I’ve seen of her sweet disposition, you are lucky to have her as your child. I cannot wait until we meet again and I have the privilege of glimpsing another page in your story. You’re a blessing to me. I hope you love these photos. xo, M

Sarah + Jeff | Married at Castlewood Country Club

In all of my years doing this job, I have NEVER been sick for a wedding. I was actually pretty darned proud of that fact. But I guess I needed to be put in my place, because I was sick as a dog for Sarah + Jeff’s nuptials—fever, couldn’t breathe, basically no voice. But Sarah + Jeff (and their unbelievably kind and gorgeous bridal party) made me forget about all that ailed me. Not that I was surprised based on my experience with them at their engagement session. But seriously, if you ever need to be pepped up, just hang out with this crowd. Instant happiness and endless happy tears. Wanna see? :)

Hi, beauty. :D

Seriously, it’s like the crawled right off the pages of a bridal magazine. Can you find Sarah’s little sister, Kelly?

When in doubt, find a shiny surface. :D

Sarah was going for a total princess dress. Based solely on the amount of fluffing required, she nailed it. :D

Meanwhile, the second shooter love of my life, Nicole, was busy hanging out with this handsome gent. Hi, Jeff! :D


As soon as I took this shot, I showed it to Sarah’s bridesmaids, and I think about 90% of them began crying immediately. Love them. Favorite.

Sarah + Jeff didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but they did want to exchange private vows. I bawled.

Ceremony time! You know how I feel about oak trees. :D


Right after the kiss, their officiant invited all of the bridal party together to take a selfie. This was a first for me!

And of course, I have to share the result! Do you see me? :D

Fun bridal parties make my job so easy. Favorite! :D

Nicole’s view:

And mine!

Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton is gorgeous!

This is weird, but… I love concrete. Favorite!

You two. Adorable. The end.

Most of their reception dancing photos are too fun for public consumption, so I’ll end it the way the night actually finished—surrounded by fire!

Sarah + Meads, I adore you. What a pleasure it was to be a part of your wedding and to get to know your dear friends and family (who, not surprisingly, are just as wonderful as you are). Even through the haze of decongestant, I was honored to joke with you, to laugh with you, and to witness the start of your future together. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for asking me to be a part of it. I hope you see all of the love and joy of that day in these photos, because I do! xo, M

Meg, Greg, Jackson + Owen | Family


I thank my lucky stars that I met Meg + Greg and photographed their wedding in 2012. First, they (and their families) are just wonderful people—kind, caring, genuine. Second, they are dream clients. They cherish photographs and they have been some of my biggest evangelists. My gratefulness for them knows no bounds. Full stop. That’s all I have to say about it!

You’ll recall a couple of months ago we did a maternity session for them. It was clear to me then how excited they were to become parents, and I was not wrong. Their ease around their boys is so beautiful and relaxing. And even though we had to reschedule three times (because I was inconveniently way too sick to meet the boys!), and they were almost a month old by the time we finally got together, I adore the photos we got of them. Are you ready to see? Good!

Let’s start with the whole happy family! :D

By the way, that’s Khloe down there. She used to be the baby of the family—and a spirited one, at that! But the arrival of the boys has totally changed her personality. She’s so calm and protective around them. I’m pretty sure if it was up to her, she’d spend 24 hours a day sitting near them and licking their faces. Here she is inching up to Greg and Owen right before she went in for a big fat cheek lick. :)

Hi, Owen! :D

Hi, Jackson! If you can’t tell from this photo, little J refused to either, A) sleep, or , B) hold still. A mover and a shaker, this one. :)

But nothing’s wrong with a wide awake baby! :D Jackson is SUCH a mini-Gregory.

Owen did oblige me with a little nap. But I’m pretty certain this lasted only about 10 full seconds. :)

Jackson’s on top, Owen’s on the bottom. Khloe is just off camera to the left. :D

Oh, Meg. Motherhood looks so beautiful on you. :)

Fatherhood sits pretty well with Greg, too. :D

Owen in red; Jackson in green. Sometimes, pacifiers are a necessity. :D

Guys, I love your family. :)

Dearest Fortayons, how many times and in how many different ways can I tell you how much I adore you? If I were a more creative person, I might write a poem about it, such as: Jackson’s precious; Owen is, too. Your family’s my favorite; I can’t get enough of you! Are you embarrassed yet? Because I am! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making me a part of these milestones in your life. I am humbled and honored, and I hope these photos serve your families for years to come. I can’t wait to be back when the boys are older—in the blink of an eye, I’m sure! xo, M

Mel + Shad | Married in Rocklin, CA

Get ready for an adorable wedding, with a way smiley bride and a super handsome groom. Remember Mel + Shad from their engagement session? I won’t retell the whole story, but I’ve known Mel for a very long time, so this wedding was extremely important to me. And it did not disappoint. What better way to spend your day than to be surrounded by a gaggle of truly happy people who bring sunshine to your life? I can’t think of one! But I’m going to stop typing and start getting to the photos. Ready?

Hey, I know, let’s start off with a photo of one seriously smiley bride. HI, MELLIE! :D

I wasn’t kidding about the smiling. :D

Oh how I love ring shots. Always a favorite activity of mine on wedding days. :)

Mel, you’re beautiful.

To the church! Mel + Shad’s ceremony was held in the renovated Old St. Mary’s Chapel in Rocklin. It was perfect and adorable!

Their officiant was quite a character. :D

Love this photo my totally fabulous second shooter, Nicole, grabbed of this genuinely happy groom. Oh, and see the hat? ;)


I posted this one as a sneak peek on facebook. I love when the bride and groom recess down the aisle—such genuine happiness. :D

The difficulties of wearing a veil on a windy day! :D

So many faces I love in one photo! :D

I am not exaggering when I say this was a seriously fun bridal party. Not to mention darned good looking. :)

Then we jetted off for a super quick portrait session with just the two of them.

Mel + Shad, seriously. I love how you love each other. Favorite on the left.

Hey hey, public restroom! Don’t misinterpret this, but I feel like taking beautiful photos near ourdoor toilets is a life mission for me. These are both favorites, but the one on the right with that perfect gust of wind? Love it.

Je t’aime, Mademoiselle Mellie.

Mel + Shad didn’t have a traditional reception, but they did opt for a cake cutting. I present the following photo as evidence that it went very well. This is SO them. :D

Thank you, sweet things, for inviting me to photograph your wedding day. It was a pleasure, an honor and a joy to witness.  Plus, it was a treat to spend time around so many wonderful people I adore. Guys, your love simply radiates from you and I cannot wait to see what your future holds. I hope you love these photos as much as I do—even if you love them a fraction as much, we’re in business. Gros bisous, mes chères. Vous me manquez déjà!


Jamie + Casey | Engaged on Mt. Tam


Here’s my observation: If people look happy and in love even when they’re totally freezing and being raked by knock-you-down gusts of wind, you know it’s genuine. And I’m making this observation because I got to witness it with my own eyeballs between Jamie + Casey when we were basically dying on top of Mt. Tam a couple of weeks ago, and they didn’t even flinch. A little goose bump photoshopping was all we needed! ;)

Jamie is another one of my high school alumna bride-friends (there are four this year, plus one from college!), who is an ultramarathoner, and an exceptionally hard working entrepreneur (of TWO successful and growing startups). She also kicked my butt as my personal trainer while I was still living in the city (and I still have nightmares of jumping up the Lyon St. steps!). I knew that Casey was something special from the first time she talked about him—sometimes you can just tell, you know? So of course I was way excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding this summer. And I’m more excited since their engagement session, during which they both had nonstop smiles plastered on their faces—even when I told them not to! They couldn’t stop! If you’ve read even one entry on this blog, you know exactly how I feel about that!

But let’s move on to the photos! Oh, and get ready for a lot of general hugging poses, because guys, it was a necessity for the conservation of body heat and the prevention of, well, death. :)

Let’s just start with a favorite, shall we? Hey, hot legs. :D


Jamie, that photo on the right? A) HOLY HOT TAMALE, and, B) You’re welcome for your new profile photo. :D

The appearance of goosebumps may or may not have been reduced in this image. :)

Outfit and an ultimately regrettable location change (WINDWINDWIND). But Mt. Tam, I just can’t stop loving you, you freezing, blustery vixen. FAVORITE! By the way, from here on out, it was so windy that we were all crying uncontrollably (seriously, tears were pouring down our faces; we should have brought ski goggles). But I made some really bad jokes and we remained positive!

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Print this as a gigantic canvas, please!

Should we stop to talk about their amazing outfits? When I tell people to build on a theme without being matchy-matchy, THIS is exactly what I mean. High fives, guys.

Can you tell I was a little obsessed with Jamie during this shoot? I’m not sorry about it. P.S. This would also be an acceptable new profile photo, J. :D

So I always ask clients to bring a blanket to their session, just in case. And usually people show up with a camping blanket, or a family quilt, or a solid color that matches their outfits. But Jamie took it to a whole new level. Meet her childhood friend, Lamb Blanket. I LOVED it. Plus, by this point, it was so cold out that it served a utilitarian purpose, hence the photo on the right. :)

Love this! :D Let’s just close it out with three more favorites.

You two were SUCH troopers during this session. Thank you for persevering, for laughing with me, for letting me learn about your relationship and your wedding plans (I’m expecting one heck of a party). Thanks for putting up with all my bad jokes and strange requests, and executing them with smiles on your faces. I had a wonderful time photographing you, and I hope you love these images as much as I do (SO MUCH!). I’ll see you soooooon! xo, M