March 2010 Goals

Considering I spent the weekend staring out the window at freezing rain, I am still finding it hard to believe that it is actually March — but it is!  The seeds of spring will soon be sown, I’m sure of it.  My excitement for warmer weather aside, the winter hasn’t been so bad.  February was a monumental month for me and my business, but it seemed to be over in a flash, leaving much of my original goals list at least unfinished, if not totally untouched.   I was, however, somewhat successful and did get quite a bit done (listed and commented upon, below).  And if anything, what I didn’t finish leaves me with much to look forward to this month!  Onto the new goals, and the recap — and feel free to share a goal of your own in the comments!

March Goals (February holdovers in italics):

  • Print and frame one of my old architectural photos for our house
  • Go for a horseback riding weekend in Massachusetts with our best friends
  • Keep up with the water / exercise
  • Privately journal once a week
  • Make the awesome new pillows for our living room
  • Attempt to make potato bread
  • Finish and order studio album one of three
  • Create the print display I’ve got stuck in my head
  • Get rid of that dang file cabinet!
  • Make my parents’ anniversary gift

Completed February Goals:

  • Drink one of my big ol’ 64 oz. jugs of water every day — This led to a lot of late-night water chugging and weird bathroom dreams, but I did it!
  • Make fitness of equal importance to diet by going to the gym four times a week
  • Buy fabric and make awesome new pillows for our living roomFabric bought, pillows still in the works!
  • Write my best friend a letter
  • Attempt to make potato bread — This month I tackled white bread, challah and wheat bread, all of it wonderful. I’m still on the lookout for a good potato bread recipe, which I may receive this week.
  • Clean out and reorganize the office (which involves getting rid of a really big, really heavy file cabinet)Office cleaned and organized; file cabinet, sadly, still stalwartly in place!
  • Imbibe a fancy, fruity drink on a tropical beach — Montego Bay, Jamaica!  See exhibit A, above.  Note that I was being told a very inappropriate joke at the time.  Also, the beverage was banana flavored.

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