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I realized after I posted Lacy + Gene’s engagement that I would not be chronicling my past work in order.  Likely a fact no one other than me would notice or worry about.  However, this bungle has turned into a blessing.  You see, last week I ventured out to get my first haircut in over six months.  I love my long hair, but it was desperately in need of a trim.  And while I would normally wait for a trip back to my folks’ house in California to visit my old friend Stephanie for this service, I decided it couldn’t wait.  So I made an appointment with the stylist of a good friend with great hair because, people, hair shouldn’t feel like straw (Mine did!).  Trust me, it couldn’t wait.

To put it simply: I should have waited.

Afterward, I said to that same good-haired friend that if I disappeared, she’d have to describe me to the police as a 5’4″-tall woman in her twenties with mid-length brown hair.  Hair like this has no other descriptor — just “mid-length.”  It is neither long nor short.  I haven’t layers or bangs.  It’s.. plain.

What has this to do with the chronology of my blog, you’re wondering?  As I sit here and twist the blunt ends of my new, perfectly unremarkable haircut, I find I am in serious need of a pick-me-up.  And because I’m not blogging in order, I have the luxury of choosing a photo shoot which brings me great joy: that of baby Molly (Good choice!), the precious daughter of Kate and Tim, taken in August.

I adore the way babies smile — full-on, no self-consciousness, drool, teeth and big cheeks.  If this doesn’t make us all just a little happier (and make me forget about my haircut!), we’re all in trouble.


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