Glen | Marin Headlands Portrait Session | San Francisco, CA

One of the best things about moving my photography business to San Francisco has been exploring the area for new and lovely photo session locations.  And the Bay Area does not disappoint by any means.  A couple of weeks ago, Glen (aka my soon-to-be husband, aka El Husbando, aka Honey) and I drove up north of the city through the Marin Headlands.  The trick, we discovered, is to keep going past the initial crowds cooing over the view of the Golden Gate, the mouth of the bay, and the expanse of San Francisco beyond — just drive.  About five minutes in, the crowds thin, the view is just as beautiful, and you find these textured, colorful and thoroughly creepy old military forts that you force your fiancé to pose in front of.  Y’know.  For fun.

We are pitifully terrible at taking personal photographs.  Embarrassingly bad.  And we have no photos that reflect that Glen has become a Man With A Beard (and this beard is like, a year old at this point).  So, here’s my remedy for at least half of this problem.  Pictures of me?  Yeah, maybe after I manage a haircut. :)

This right here?  This is Glen in a nutshell.  This is also a perfect example of why I love him, in photo-form.

Well, that, and because he’s so dang cute. :)  (And this new B+W process I’m trying out seems to agree with him.)

Thanks as always for putting up with me, Honey. :)

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