November 2011 Goals

Friends, life is… kind of amazing.  Last month Glen and I got married, and… I don’t know.  It was just amazing.  Amazing, amazing, a. maze. ing.  I can’t think back on that day or talk about it without grinning like a fool.  Heck, you can’t even ask one of my aunts questions about it without her bursting into happy tears (seriously, she told her coworkers they had to wait until November before she could tell them how it went!).  For a person who didn’t even want a traditional, big wedding to begin with, I cannot have imagined a more perfect day.

I am a total wedding convert and I now love them in a completely different way than I did before.  :)  I want to tell you all about it and tell you about all of the wonderful people whose time, talents and big hearts made it so wonderfully, perfectly, fantastically us. But… I want to wait until I have my photos back first.  I mean, that seems only fitting, right?

Just know that I spent October in a happy post-wedding glow, which very much resembles dust and dirt, since we also spent October working more and more on our new house (progress photos forthcoming!).  And this married woman is making some changes in her life, which I hope to institute in the coming months.  So with that said, let’s list some goals!  And yes, I know a lot of these are house-related!

November Goals (September holdovers in italics):

  • Start on a new branding project
  • Write all of my wedding thank you cards
  • Finish painting the interior of our house (office, bathrooms, closet)
  • Design and build out our master closet
  • Finish replacing all of our old two-pong wall sockets (this is one very annoying part of buying an older house, by the way — at least it’s already grounded!)
  • Reupholster our couch
  • Start planning our next winter styled shoot
  • Hold a November family portrait party (details coming tomorrow!)
  • Print and hang some of our wedding / engagement photos
  • Instate a new lead-tracking system
  • Blog about our wedding!
  • Build up to running three miles (I suuuuuuuuuuck at running. S. U. C. K. Suck.)
  • Breathe, relax and read a book (haven’t done this in awhile!)
  • Photograph my brother’s wedding (TOMORROW! :D :D :D :D)  (And yes, we are getting married three weeks apart.)
  • Landscape our atrium — buying plants this week!
  • Set up the new office / studio — It was naive of me to think this would be a first-thing priority.  This whole owning a home thing is a learning process!

Completed September Goals:

  • Get our new floor
  • Paint the interior of the house (it hasn’t been painted since 1963 — the white walls are no longer white)
  • MOVE
  • Pick up my wedding dress :)
  • Book our honeymoonlet (the real thing — three weeks in China + Tibet — has been pushed to 2012)
  • Finish all the major planning and prep for our wedding
  • Meet a new photography friend for coffee
  • Repaint our coffee table
  • Shoot a little film

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