Baby Julianne | Vernon, CT | Family

Welcome to 2010!  I’m still having a hard time typing that.  I always accidentally type 20010, though to be fair I have only had nine days of practice!  While I work up a couple of posts about my goals for this coming year and my (amazing and amazingly fast) trip to California, I thought I’d make a very quick, short update about my last session of 2009.

This is Baby Julianne, who actually took two days to photograph.  That’s because, at only 10 days old, Baby Julianne already had two opinions:

1) That she did not want to be anywhere but in her mother’s arms:

And, 2) That she did not want to be asleep:

But eventually, with much back rubbing and careful soothing, we were able to get her to close her eyes for just a few moments.

And then she was back awake again!

Despite her big personality, she and I eventually found a rhythm. There were in fact a handful of other very precious images we captured, but Julianne’s mom asked me to keep them private.  Let’s just say her cute little bum is not for public consumption. :)

And that there is one short post!  Hooray, Saturday night!

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