April 2010 Goals + Those Pillows I Made

Hello, Springtime!

I don’t spend much money; I’m kind of miserly, actually.  It all started when I decided I wanted a master’s degree and I wanted to pay for it in cash, which involved a lot of saving and, consequently, a lot of not spending.  And because I did this for just about two years, it became a permanent habit.  There is, however, one soft spot in my hardened heart — flowers.  So when I entered the supermarket faced with an endless row of sweet potted tulips and daffodils, I melted… just a little.  And then when I saw those persimmon-colored roses and those jaw-dropping ranunculus I may have lost consciousness for a minute or two — a sort of state of pre-shock to spending $10.  And then I spent $10!  I’m pretty happy with the purchase, and it inspired one of my April goals.  And when you scroll on down to my completed March goals, you’ll see just why those persimmon roses increased my heart rate a touch.  So!  On with the list!

April Goals (March holdovers in italics):

  • Finish and order studio album TWO of three
  • Put on real, adult clothes at least 4 weekdays/week (Hey, when you work from home, pajama pants are much more inviting)
  • Keep fresh flowers in my house all month!
  • Do my taxes (barf)
  • Visit my family in California
  • Bring back something very secret and important from my trip (Shh!)
  • Orchestrate a just-for-me shoot
  • Do a couple of free kids sessions, just to get my imagination going
  • Privately journal once a week (This one is kicking my rear)
  • Create the print display I’ve got stuck in my head

Completed March Goals:

  • Print and frame one of my old architectural photos for our house – Currently at the frame shop!  Custom framing is stupidly expensive.
  • Go for a horseback riding weekend in Massachusetts with our best friends – The trails were too devastated by a recent ice storm to ride, but we enjoyed ourselves, anyway!
  • Keep up with the water / exercise
  • Make the awesome new pillows for our living room – SEE BELOW, PLEASE!
  • Attempt to make potato bread – Attempt?  Try, success!  I couldn’t find a recipe I liked, so I winged it.  Who ever said baking was a science?
  • Finish and order studio album one of three
  • Get rid of that dang file cabinet!
  • Make my parents’ anniversary gift

In the vein of not wanting to spend too much money, has anyone ever looked at the cost of fancy throw pillows?!  Are you kidding me?!  Who spends $300 ON A PILLOW?  A PILLOW??!  Please.  Enter on-sale silk fabric and a free afternoon or two.  I think I spent $50 total for seven pillows.  The results:

First, my favorite: The petal pillow.

Crochet + Squares!

Knit + Pleated!  Plus, in the background, you can see the inspiration piece: the persimmon KitchenAid.  SO MUCH BREAD!

And, just because they’re so dang pretty:

What are your plans for April?

April 1, 2010 - 6:19 pm

Preston My goals:

* Sleep better. Unfortunately, daytime me makes promises that nighttime me doesn’t keep.

* Draw regularly again. Got an Intuos4 for such a task. Too bad the nibs wear down so quickly, and my style is to use a lot of strokes.

* Already accomplished my March goal of writing constantly. My April goal is to keep doing that.

* Finish my Mac app, start a company to sell it, and move onto my big ideas.

* Flirt with the cute, new co-worker before I quit my day job.

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