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This kid.  I mean, man, this kid.

With many apologies to my own mother, let me first say that I’m not a mom.  At least, not yet.  (See, Ma?  There’s still hope!)  I’m still in that stage where being around babies has me in a constant state of amazement at the creation of life.  Their beauty, their curiosity, their full-body laughter — it’s heart-stopping at times.  And sweet Caden was no exception.

Caden’s mom and dad (Hi, Rhonda! Hi, Drew!) are friends of mine from high school.  Rhonda is a model of kindness; Drew is a very genuine character.  Together, they’ve built themselves a wonderful life, and they managed to make one heck of a happy baby, too.  But much to the chagrin of a certain set of grandparents, that happy baby had not yet had any professional photos taken.  So we took care of that last week while I was home for a visit.

And man, this kid! I could not have asked for a better, gigglier subject.  I probably could have asked for a less mobile one, but it’s always fun to mix a photo shoot with a workout.  Did I say “fun?”  I think I meant “exhausting!”

Many thanks to Rhonda and Drew for keeping Caden in endless smiles — and to Drew especially for gobbling like a turkey for a full 10 minutes.  You’re great parents, and you needn’t look further than the following photos of this precious face to know that’s absolutely true.  I hope you love these.  And you’re welcome, Pauline!  :)

We taught Caden to blow a dandelion!

Stuck on this one, for sure!  Check out those chompers!  Definitely a favorite.

This is when the turkey gobbling took place. :)

“Caden, love your bunny!”  Seriously, somebody put this in an ad!

May 5, 2010 - 8:56 am

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