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I think I can really get into this whole “morning blogging to avoid exercising” thing.  I sit here in my exercise clothes, so I feel like I’m on my way to sweating (yet remain a very comfortable distance from wanting to die), PLUS I get a blog entry written.  Nothing about this is bad!

My means of distraction this morning is sweet baby Abby, who was an absolute riot.  She’s also a perfect example of one of my favorite things about photographing kids: the progression of how they feel about me taking their picture.  Usually, they start out just a little bit tentative, and look to mom and dad for help:

Which is a good time to get some detail shots:

Then, sloooowly, they begin to forget I’m there and start enjoying their surroundings:

Until finally, the best part — I’m no longer a concern:

Gems like this one just make me want to be a kid again.

Abby’s parents, Kim and Greg, were great sports (and equally fun to photograph!).  They love to make Abby laugh, and as a photographer there is nothing that makes my job easier than a family willing to do anything for a good giggle.

The next three shots make my day — the light, the closeness, the smiles.  How could they not? :)

I especially love this one.  And I don’t think I have to explain why.  Though I will add that, if this were my family, and if I worked in an office, I would absolutely keep a print of this on my desk to help speed up those slow days.  Just saying.  :D

Lastly, a perfect parting shot that brings back a lot of memories from my own childhood of me and my dad.  I would love to have a picture like this of the two of us.

Kim, Greg and Abby, what an awesome time I had with the three of you!  Your family was a blast to be around and your joy is contagious — thanks so much for sharing it with me.  Enjoy your photos!

One last Photo Party kiddo is coming your way this week (probably tomorrow, as I once again delay my quest for physical fitness).  So keep an eye out for little Livia, whose outfit will pretty much make you keel over from an overdose of cuteness.  Until then!

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