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The first time I met little miss Livia — our last Photo Party babe — was about a month before I photographed her, when I took pictures of her momma, Christa, for Christa’s new fitness website.  At our first rendezvous, Livia was a total ham, all about playing and showing off for me.  She flirted with me like we were two pre-teens at a junior high sock hop and by golly, it was adorable.

The second time I met Livia, however, went a little differently.  Even though she was rested, fed, dressed to the nines and happy as can be, as soon as we tried to put her in the sand she clung to Christa like a fly in honey.  There was no letting go, and no amount of coaxing (okay, bribery by seashells) would change her mind.  Behold:

Check out that death grip on Dad!

She was not having any of it!  That is until we exploited Livia’s Achilles Heel.  :)  See, my own mom has this theory that who kids are as kids is a pretty good indication of who they’ll be as adults.  Kudos to you if you assumed that I was a stubborn baby.  In fact, my mom’s favorite example of this is when my parents served my four-year-old brother and three-year-old me Sunday morning pancakes on these silly melamine plates we’d made in preschool.  Unfortunately for all involved, my mom put my brother’s pancakes on the plate I’d made (MY PLATE), so logically I refused to eat.  While my brother happily chomped away (he was an amiable babe), I sat beside him with my arms crossed and my eyes locked on his breakfast.  Despite much cajoling, I left my own food untouched and waited patiently until my brother finished and got up from the table.  Then I reached over, picked up the empty plate, slid my pancakes onto their proper home and only THEN ate them.  Off MY PLATE.  Which is totally reasonable.  Rational, even.

ANYWAY.  Because of this theory, I am pretty confident in saying that our dear Livia is going to have one serious purse collection when she grows up.  Apparently, nothing makes her happier than carrying on her arm everything she can possibly lift.  And while actual purses are probably a bit more practical, any ol’ receptacle will do — especially if there are two of them!  Instant smiles.  Again, behold:

Suddenly the sand was no longer an issue.

Playing in it was now a much higher priority. :)


How flipping precious is Livia’s outfit?  These either need to come in adult sizes, or I need to be 17 months old again.  Better the latter, as I don’t think anyone wants to see that high up on my thighs.  But I love the buttons.

And I’ll end with a photo that perfectly represents Livia’s mischievous nature.  Luckily, it’s all cute mischief.  (Note the two bucket handles over her arms.)  :)

Christa, as always it was a massive pleasure to work with you and your family!  Livia is a doll (just like her mom!) and I had a great time with her.  Can’t wait to do it again in the fall!  Enjoy. :)

June 25, 2010 - 5:54 pm

debbie I LOVE that last one! Makes me think… maybe it’s time. Or maybe I can borrow that one for a day or two?

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