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I don’t know much about superstitions or how they really work.  I don’t necessarily believe in them, either, but I’ve never seen the harm in abiding by the easier ones.  No opening umbrellas inside (why would anyone do this, anyway?), no walking under ladders (uh, dangerous?), chucking a little spilled salt over my shoulder when necessary, etc.  All I’ll say is that this behavior is not NOT working, and in some strange way it eases the mind.

Okay, so rewind to a couple of weeks ago when Honey accidentally dropped our hand mirror in the bathroom, breaking it into a couple of pieces.  I know it was his gaffe, but certainly there’s some kind of transference that can happen here — we live in the same house, I’m likely to be affected should his luck turn south, right?  If we were smart, we would have destroyed the karmic evidence.  But we’re also a little cheap, and we decided the remnants were serviceable enough to puzzle back together into workable condition.  And they were!  And our luck seemed unaffected!  At least until Honey went and dropped it again, causing what was left to shatter well beyond repair (he even broke the plastic this time!).  Now I was markedly worried.  And as we swept up the pieces, I questioned whether or not those seven-year sentences would run concurrently or consecutively, and asked the Luck Gods if they could have mercy on his (our) clumsy soul as they considered his (our) fate.  I mean, really, I’m not superstitious, but TWO broken mirrors in a month?  Surely we were pushing something here — dare I say our luck?

But you know what?  I’m not worried about it anymore.  Well, I’m not worried about MY luck, at least.  Because if there really were 14 years of misfortune on my horizon, there is no way I could have been blessed with two AWESOME couples two weekends in a row.  A lady with bad luck doesn’t get this kind of break.  And what a break it was.

So, without further ado, meet Katie + Dustin, the dancer and the physical therapist — a match made in heaven, I’d say. :)

We started off at Cranbury Park here in Norwalk.  I’d never been, and I was definitely not disappointed.  Finding a pocket of beautiful light is always a pleasant surprise, too (good luck, maybe?).  Especially when you stick an equally beautiful couple in it.

Katie + Dustin are wonderful.  They’re happy, they’re fun, they’re humble, they’re great sports.  And, always my favorite, they love to laugh. :D

Katie was also a total trooper.  She trod through the mosquito-y woods in high heels, just because I said it would be a good idea.  And it was!

My favorite.  So soft:

They had champion serious faces.

Katie specifically requested a “lying in the grass in opposite directions” shot.  Mission accomplished.

One of the things I loved about Katie is that she was full of ideas and suggestions.  She was always ready to jump in with a great “What if…” that, when combined with my own, turned out phenomenal.  This was a “What if we run around holding hands?” plus a “What if you run into the sunset?”  IT WILL MAKE FOR AN AWESOME PHOTO, THAT’S WHAT IF.

Alright, look.  I know you can’t see their faces — I know that.  But I love this photo, and so I’m going to put on my English Major Hat and tell you that it’s a metaphor, which you are to interpret as you will.  See what I did there?  I just elevated my photography to “art.”

You can’t tell me this next photo doesn’t make you want to go play outside.  And if you CAN tell me, this is your official notice that I don’t want to hear it.  Keep it to yourself, buzzkill.

The sun was setting pretty fast by the time we were finished with a serious amount of frolicking, so we packed up and headed south toward the water where the real fun began.  Speaking of fun: everyone, meet Molly (no, not me… the other Molly).

So, Molly is a fairly common dog name, and generally speaking, people have two methods by which they tell me their dog and I share the moniker.  One is to get REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT AND TELL ME IT IS HILARIOUS HAHA OH MY GOODNESS HAHAHA.  The other is to be a little embarrassed (I assume for the dog).  :)  Personally, I think it’s great.  Aside from a brief period in 4th grade when I wanted to change my name to some form of crystalline substance (Diamond, Amethyst, Idiot), I’ve always love my name.  LOVE it.  Logically, I think it’s equally great when applied to other people and things (except for, I don’t know, murderers).  This little Molly was no exception.  If I remember correctly, she’s 12 years old, knows only one trick (which you’ll see momentarily), and, because of her constant sniffling and snorting, sounds like a K-9 Geiger Counter.  Think endless clicking.

She is also mildly narcoleptic, and will fall asleep if not being spoken to directly.  Getting these shots was harder than you might think. :)

That trick I mentioned?  Yeah, she hugs.  We have more than a name in common!

We left Molly in the car (oh, how many times this has been said about me) thanks to rule #3, and headed to the beach.  P.S. Who besides me wants to play with a motorized, non-motorized, or floating sand wheelchair?  Nobody?

It was right at sunset, which means it was too late to rent one anyway, but it made for some pretty sweet light.  Love the one on the right.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but a lot of my photos make me laugh.  Here’s another one:

Dustin is about 95 feet tall, so imagine how high above my head I was holding the camera for this one.

As I said earlier, Katie is a dancer and dance teacher (which means I am really looking forward to their reception), and she wanted at least one “dance-like” photo.  Does this qualify?

We had a really relaxed time together, and I think it shows.  Katie, Dustin, you guys are a blast and I’m counting down the days until your wedding (as if you two aren’t!).  Enjoy your photos.  Lord knows I am! :)

June 29, 2010 - 5:15 pm

Donna Jackson Thanks Molly for catching that “special essence” for Katie and Dustin. These photos bring out all the love, charm and wonderment between them as they prepare for their special wedding day. Can’t wait to meet on the “big day”!
Donna Jackson
(Katie’s Mom and Dustin’s favorite future Mother In Law)

June 29, 2010 - 11:01 pm

debbie These are lovely!! Congratulations to them :)

June 30, 2010 - 3:09 pm

Elaine Young Molly you captured what Katie and Dustin are all about beautifully! Oh what amazing photos! They are stunning! What beautiful subjects too :-) Molly (the dog) looks beautiful too!
I know Katie and Dustin will treasure these photos and all they represent forever!

September 9, 2010 - 11:13 am

Katie + Dustin | The Waterview Wedding | Monroe, CT » MEF Photography Blog! […] might remember Katie + Dustin from their engagement session, which, if you’ll recall, included another shorter and slightly cuter Molly. […]

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