July 2010 Goals

Forgive me!  Yesterday was my father’s birthday and I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, so I’m a day behind with my June goals.  I’m also about to run out the door to spend the evening / morning with friends, thus the brevity of this update.  But yay!  Summer!  (Although not yay to humidity, am I right?)

July Goals (June holdovers in italics):

  • Head back to California to find and book a place to get married and a photographer (so not looking forward to this, long story)
  • Take a road trip (definitely looking forward to this)
  • Keep on keepin’ on with my exercising
  • Organize my paperwork (ugh)
  • Plan a getaway for Honey and myself (I’m thinking something cabiny and hikey, maybe)
  • Get a full physical, or at least make an appointment (Honey wants to make sure he’s not about to marry a lemon; I want o figure out if I’m anemic again)
  • Finish and order studio album TWO of three (almost done!)
  • Privately journal once a week (I was SO FREAKING CLOSE this time!)

Completed May Goals:

  • Change my entire pricing structure (Becoming a future bride has made me realize that a one-size-fits-all bundled package approach is ineffective, restrictive and, frankly, kind of shystery [yep, not a word].  Time to go fully à la carte so my clients can tell me exactly what they want.)
  • I am currently on day 14 of a new (and awesome) 30-day exercise program, so my goal is to get through the remaining 16 days without missing more than 2 days total — Carried this through to the end of the month, even.  Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure I have TWO abs.  Yeah, that’s right — two!  The joke is on me here, isn’t it?
  • Rework my accounting system to make it cheaper and easier — Now, to actually start using it!
  • Create the print display I’ve got stuck in my head — I’ll share this soon!

What are your fun plans for June?

July 30, 2010 - 8:20 pm

Shawna Hello Molly! I absolutely love your blog- you photographed one of my friends engagement sessions- beautiful work! I saw that you are looking for a photographer in CA- which is where I used to live. I liked my mom’s wedding photographer from 2 years ago- you might want to check her out – Carly Daniel Photography in Orange County, CA. Good luck!

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