March 2011 Goals

Feb '11 Goals

Welcome to some of my Instagram February!  My favorite part?  Those homemade pickles, bottom left.  Yum!

I had a rough goal month (meaning I didn’t push myself to do as much as I should have), so let’s rally for March.  Should be fun. ;)

March Goals (February holdovers in italics):

  • Attend my first local photographers’ meeting– I’m nervous about this! I’ve never been a good mingler
  • Start and finish the planning / execution for a styled shoot to happen in the beginning of April — The idea for this was my baby, but I’m collaborating with some really awesome people
  • Repaint our coffee table and hang a shelf
  • Taxes!  Boo!
  • Do something touristy and fun in San Francisco with Glen
  • Blog one back session per week — I’m a terrible blogger
  • Plant my herb garden
  • End o’ the year accounting — Appointment with my bookkeeper was rescheduled to this week
  • Shoot a little film this month — My film camera accidentally got packed!  The battery is also dead, apparently
  • Take new photos of Glen and myself

Completed February Goals:

  • Write my one line a day — Totally doable.  Loved challenging myself to boil everything down into one line, too.
  • Finish unpacking all remaining boxes
  • Make bagels from scratch (inspired by Kathryn)
  • Find a solution for our bed (which is currently and unaccetably a mattress on the floor, and I am neither a college student nor a teenage boy — no offense to either)

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