May 2011 Goals

Sometimes, you spend so much time imagining something — scheming, designing, planning out every last detail — that when it actually comes to fruition, it’s almost impossible to believe it’s real.  And more, that it’s even better than you thought it could be.  That’s how I felt as I was standing in a field on a beautiful wine country hilltop about two weeks ago, staring in awe at the lovely details that we’d put together for our styled shoot.  The four of us, Amanda, LaurelLeigh and myself, put together a day that I am extraordinarily proud of — and that shot above is just a small peek at the awesomeness to come.  I can’t share any of it just yet (which, by the bye, is killing me), but I have to say, sometimes really great things come from just a little imagination. :)

The success of this shoot has got me all kinds of fired up to make some changes in the way I do business.  One of which is not putting stuff off (a terrible habit!).  Hence me posting my May goals tonight, the night of May 16th, instead of saying I’ll do it tomorrow, which I’ve been doing all month.  :)  May always starts off with a bang, as my birthday is the 2nd, plus Mother’s Day, plus Glen’s birthday, plus we flew to Indianapolis to have our engagement photos taken, plus, plus, plus.  At any rate, there’s no time like the present, so here’s what’s on my plate for the greatest month of the year. :)

May Goals (April holdovers in italics):

  • Start with a personal trainer — Yeah, time to stop being a lazy slug :)
  • Get our engagement photos taken
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day and both Glen’s and my birthdays
  • Surprise Glen with his AWESOME birthday present and put it to good use — more on this coming soon!
  • Hopefully unveil the rest of our style shoot
  • Buy my return ticket for my trip to Connecticut next month
  • Adopt a pet :)
  • Finish my best friends’ wedding album — Their photog (not me!) totally botched their wedding, so I’m piecing together a nice album from guest photos
  • Repaint our coffee table — Turns out old paint is kind of gross.  Must get new paint!
  • Blog one back session per week TWICE this month — I’m a terrible blogger
  • Shoot a little film — Gotta hunt out a new battery

Completed April Goals:

  • Don’t eat out once in April — Okay, we ate out a couple of times, but only when we weren’t paying so… we still win?
  • Execute our beautiful inspiration shoot — Done and so freaking done :)
  • Reorganize all of our personal paperwork
  • Smog our cars so they’re officially California vehicles
  • Choose our wedding invitations
  • Plant my herb garden — My little sprouts are well on their way to harvest!

Don’t you just love springtime?  What are you doing this month?

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