General Sherman

What do you do when you’re a young couple, about to get married, saving to buy a house in an unbelievably expensive market, and nowhere near ready to have kids?  You adopt a pet!

Glen and I have been talking for a long time about wanting to add another being to our home.  For awhile, we’ve had our hearts set on a dog, but our current city-sized and city-situated apartment wouldn’t make for much of a home for a growing puppy.  Honestly though, this didn’t break my heart, because — and if you know me, you already know this — I’ve been gunning for a cat, which would fit perfectly in our little one-bedroom abode.

So together Glen and I spent the last couple of months combing local shelters, and meeting foster cats around the bay.  I didn’t think finding the right cat would be a terribly involved process, but then again every other cat I’ve ever owned has simply fallen into my life unexpectedly and worked out great.  But you know what?  There are a lot of not great cats out there (although I admit I cooed at ALL OF THEM).  And even worse, there are a LOT of WACKO shelters (one of which wanted us to sign a document saying that if they broke into our house to retrieve our animal, it couldn’t be considered trespassing — WAIT. WHAT?! Um, no thanks.). Consequently, many man hours went in to the selection of  our new pet.  He’s been around for about a month now, and frankly he’s pretty dang awesome.

Of course, as I typed that he bit my forearm.  Right.

I have this thing where I feel compelled to name my pets after ex Presidents and Vice Presidents, and this guy was no exception. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to our new cat: General James S. Sherman Tiburón De La Cama Von Wamsley.  Sherman for short.  (Or, when he’s going particularly crazy as we’re trying to fall asleep, the name of a certain German dictator. Ahem.)  In this case, he’s (loosely) named after James S. Sherman, the 27th Vice President of the United States under Howard Taft.  “General” because he attacks toy mice with military precision, and because he’s already getting fat. “Von Wamsley” as a nod to a hilarious billboard we saw in Indianapolis last month, which just led me to discover this. And one day I might try to get a video of the reason why we added “Tiburón De La Cama” (Spanish for “Bed Shark”), but until then, just use your imagination. :)

I felt it my duty to share our growing family with you.  And now, he’s napping on my chest.  I think I might join him. :)

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