June 2011 Goals

Early last month, Glen and I flew to Indianapolis to meet our wedding photographers and have our engagement photos taken.  I almost don’t have words for the experience.  It was a pleasure and I treasure these photos — some of the only, and definitely the best, of Glen and I during our entire relationship.  Of all the things I’ve ever done to better myself as a photographer (reading, studying, classes, seminars, webinars, you name it — and yeah, I have a long way to go), this was by far the most eye-opening and informative.  What a delight to put myself in the shoes of my clients, to feel the nervous self-consciousness and the agony of being camera shy melt away into comfort — and to know why it melted. Looking at these images, you wouldn’t know how, a few hours before, I was neurotically combing the aisles of Target trying to guarantee we were properly accessorized.  You wouldn’t know how apprehensive I was (Glen, by the way, was fine.).  You can’t tell how much I do not love to be photographed.

What you can tell is that I love Glen, that Glen loves me, and that as a pair we have a lot of fun together. THIS is what I want my photos to showcase.  And having been their subject, I have a clearer understanding of how to get this out of my own clients — even the nervous ones!

I’ve always had a problem with the term “timeless photos.”  I think timeless is the wrong word, and the wrong goal.  At some point in the future, our clothes, our styles, some of these poses, even the media itself will be outdated — it’s inevitable and unavoidable.  The issue, I believe, is that people mistake the concept of timelessness with simple beauty, which encompasses only a small part of any image.  What we should strive for beyond beauty, and what I hope to focus on in the future, is authenticity.  In twenty years I want my children (look away, mom) to see these photos and be able to laugh at my hair and choice of shoes, but know that Glen and I were once young, little affected by gravity and totally in love. ;)

Because in the end, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?  Welcome to June. :)

June Goals (May holdovers in italics):

  • Meet with my personal trainer twice a week — She is already kicking my rear in a way I’ve never experienced before, and it’s kind of amazing (I type this with REALLY sore abs and arms today)
  • Kick my own rear two to three other times per week — Gotta do my part!
  • Find a model for a personal project
  • Visit Connecticut
  • Meet my goddaughter, if she’s born on time — She’d better be born on time! (Otherwise I’ll just meet her in July.) ;)
  • Buy that sweet new baby some presents
  • Contest a dumb parking ticket
  • Meet a new photography friend for coffee
  • A SECRET! — Lame, I know, but I can’t talk about this; I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I’ve been told I have to keep my hopes realistic (Did the all caps give away that I’m failing?)
  • TWO SECRETS! — This is a surprise for someone, actually, which is why I can’t share ;)
  • Hopefully unveil the rest of our styled shoot — Submitted for publication!  Just waiting for that to happen.
  • Repaint our coffee table — Turns out old paint is kind of gross.  Must get new paint!
  • Blog twice this month
  • Shoot a little film — Gotta hunt out a new battery

Completed May Goals:

  • Start with a personal trainer — Yeah, time to stop being a lazy slug :)
  • Get our engagement photos taken — :D
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day and both Glen’s and my birthdays
  • Surprise Glen with his AWESOME birthday present and put it to good use — I got him the bike he’s been drooling over for months and we LOVE riding together
  • Buy my return ticket for my trip to Connecticut next month
  • Adopt a pet :) — See previous post
  • Finish my best friends’ wedding album — Can’t wait to get this in my hands!  And theirs!

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