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If you are not a fan of color, well… two things: 1) We can’t be friends. Sorry. And 2) Get ready for this session because it may be the most vibrant I’ve ever shot.  Like, BLAMMO sort of color. In fact, remember when I said in my previous post that Pasadena and I were best friends? Well, don’t tell her, but that’s kind of a lie, because downtown San Diego up and stole my whole dang heart.  I have never been so enamored of a few square blocks in my entire life—COLOR EVERYWHERE! And the light! Oh, the glorious light! Just imagine me, talking about San Diego and holding up crossed fingers, because that’s what we’re like now. Forever.

But allow me to be just a touch sappy and say that even if SD had been the blandest, crummiest town west of the Pecos, I still would have had a blast photographing Kate + Matt in it. Because c’mon, look at them. But seriously, when Kate and I met for the first time and managed to shut down the coffee shop because we couldn’t stop talking, I knew both that I was very lucky to be hired by her AND that anyone she would choose to marry had to be pretty darn fantastic. I don’t mean to brag but… I was completely right. In fact, it didn’t occur to me until I was compiling my favorite images for this post, but they’re smiling in every single photo, and not because I asked them to–they’re just that happy! (Yep, you guessed it, another key to my heart!) I almost can’t pick top favorites; I love them all!

One last thing: Kate + Matt get BIG TIME points for their outfit choices. I die.

On with the color / love show! Favorite #1 because that shadow is just outstanding (although not nearly as outstanding as Kate’s hair!):

COLOOOOOOOR! P.S. Photo on the right, I asked Kate to hug Matt like I wasn’t there and her hand went right for his rear. If I told you how often I smack my husband’s bum on a daily basis, you would know exactly why I love her oh so much for this.

Kate, I gasped when I saw this image for the first time. You are unbelievably beautiful and your eyes are CRAZY GORGEOUS! :D

Favorite #2 because I just love it and that’s all the explanation I have!

I don’t think “convenient” is quite the right word to describe finding giant boat tie doohickies the exact color of Kate’s necklace. Suffice it to say, I squealed.

Can I be totally inappropriate for a sec and talk about how gosh dang pretty their children are going to be? A friend of Kate’s introduced her to Matt, and I don’t think it’s over the top to say that Kate owes that friend a lifetime supply of varied gift baskets. HANDSOME!

This is a favorite because it’s just too cool not to be. Favorite #3!

I think the black and white “couple in a bar shot” might be becoming my thing. Although, this was half bar half noodle shop, so we did change it up a bit. :)

I love me a crinkled nose laugh. :D

Oh, sweet love. Favorite #4. :)

Kate + Matt, the only thing I can say is that I wish you lived up here, because we would totally hang out if you did. You guys are remarkable and kind, smart and funny and I have a good feeling that your wedding is going to perfectly showcase all of those qualities. I was going to think of something else heartfelt to write, but really… I just miss you guys. If you love these photos even a fraction as much as I do, you will LOVE THEM A LOT. And I hope that’s true. Enjoy them. :)

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